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Sep 27, 2012 11:30am PDT
location to hong kong's ports and financial infrastructure is key to determining its position at the epicenter of chinese economic development. through guangdong, we see the forces of globalization at work in the pearl river delta and beyond. many observers argue the costs and benefits, but few dispute that globalization is the most profound reorganization of the world since the industrial revolution. the driving force of globalization is economic, and at the core of the global economy is the global production system. du neng ji makes nike shoes-- one of tens of thousands of nike employees scattered across the world. du neng ji and his fellow workers are a small part of the chinese link in the chain of global production. ( du neng ji speaking chinese ) translator: the reason i came to work here is simply to earn a living. i came from chendgu in sichuan province. i didn't have much of a job back home. i've been working at the number two factory for 2½ years. i feel good about it. my ambition is to become a manager. narrator: most of these workers are like du neng ji. until the
Sep 27, 2012 11:00am PDT
the wealth around, so they chose locations based onultural connections and geography. from hong kong, then still british, adjacent guangdong was the natural place to invest. taiwan businesses preferred fujian. shanghai was passed over, in part because the communists feared its history, power and foreign influences. its fate changed when shanghai politicians ascended in beijing and designated their city a special economic zone in 1991. since then, shanghai has capitalized on its international legacy. ( man speaking mandarin ) translator: shanghai is the place where there has been a mixing of western culture with that of the east. shanghai has absorbed the best aspects of the cultures from around the world. woman: shanghai is what we call a learning location. it's where companies... foreign companies come to lrn howo do businessinhi, and it's where the chineseearn how do you do ithwest--me what aspects of each system can we meld gether to make it a pce whereneseearn how do you do ithwest--me the big pushoret foreign compies to come to chinaether? is technology transfer and also innov
Sep 7, 2012 1:00am PDT
. gale was born and raised in san francisco. her combined ancestory a chinese mother from hong kong and japanese father from hawaii gave her a unique asspect much the language of threads, dreaming water and others. please, help me welcome gale sukiama. [applause] >> so that means if you have read the book you will not be buying the book? [laughter]. i'm always feel a little embarrassed because i looked back and i kept think thanksgiving book was published in 1993 who wants to hear about it now? i feel honored that we call it those in the know or good friends of mine call at this time energizer bunny. it's the book that somehow kept going all these yeersz. i will tell you up front it was a book i thought that may be they wouldn't publish. my very first book was women of the silk. i knew that i was writing about something that was a little bit different because i didn't know about the women of the silk until i wanted to write something telling their story much the second book is the test book for us writers you hear that a lot where the publishers are wondering if the author has a se
Sep 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
trip next month. he's demanding the government allow them to land. >>> a group of hong kong activists land on the islands last month. japanese authorities arrested, then deported them. japanese officials say they reached an agreement to buy the islands. they plan to push through paperwork to nationalize the territory by the end of september. >>> diplomats with the chinese foreign ministry have criticized japan for all activity around the islands. >> translator: we have already made a harsh protest against the japanese side. their unilateral actions are illegal and invalid. >> hong said the japanese government's effort to increase its claim to the islands by nationalizing them is of no use. >>> government officials around the region are watching to see what happens. earlier nhk, who has covered japanese politics for years, shared her insight. >> how is the government reacting to the survey? >> well, a government official say the surveyors exercise restraint by not trying to land. they had warned the team not to step foot on the islands. but the governor says he and the team need to go
Sep 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
their veto power in elections in hong kong. they retain more than one-third of the seats in the region's legislative council. pro-beijing candidates secured 43 of the assembly's 70 seats in the voting on sunday. pro-democracy groups won 27 seats amid strong public dissatisfaction with the plan for schools to teach patriotism. china's government attaches great importance to such education. voter turnout was 53%, up eight points from the previous election. hong kong is considering holding its first-ever direct vote for a chief executive of the territory five years from now. analysts say pro-democracy legislatures will likely be able to hinder efforts by the pro-beijing side if it tries to scree year to date an electoral system for its own benefit. >>> another sign of a slowdown in the world's second biggest economy. china's imports declined in august for the first time in seven months. chinese customs officials said on monday that imports stood at $151 billion last month, down 2.6% from a year earlier. it was the first decline since january when business was slow during the chinese new y
Sep 27, 2012 4:00pm PDT
, a hong kong billionaire, has offered $54 million to the man who can successfully woo her. but there is already taken. she entered into a single partnership with her girlfriend of seven years in paris five months ago. the guay daughter of one of the richest men in hong kong have laughed off her father's plan. >> which is thought it was a joke or something like that. and i was not angry or anything. as time went on, soon, i realized it is really his expression of love, his expression of fatherly love. gregg's her father's marriage county has grabbed a worldwide attention, and the daughter of the hong kong billionaire said she has been bombarded with marriage proposals. is this a waste of time? >> i am really close to my dad and we talk very intimately about our lives and relationships and the future of the daily and the office. >> if this marriage offer appeals to you, it looks like you have to join the queue. bbc news. >> the puck -- the price of petrol has soared, some electric cars have become more popular. but it can seem a bit slow. a team in the u.k. wants to show tha
Aug 31, 2012 7:37pm PDT
reside? >> it was mentioned earlier, we also working with the hong kong police department because they've been victim mized in hong kong also. we just spoke today about getting a video made through our resources in hong kong to have that video brought over here. we can use it also for our population, so everyone can get the message. and yes, we are throughout the entire city. >> great, thank you. >> no, my questions have been asked and answered. i will say this though, commissioners. i just want to say this is my first community meeting in this building, so i want to say kudos to the commissioner and whoever it is, particularly for the translation services. i remember a meeting we had here one time when we did not think about that and at the last moment we pulled out headsets everywhere. so we were prepared. i hope everyone appreciates that. i'm sure the community does. so nice job. >> thank you. >> well ladies and gentlemen, this wraps up our meeting. i want to thank everybody who helped prepare the meeting from the station, from the captain, the command staff and the members of the c
Sep 20, 2012 4:00pm EDT
, there is, for example, the levitation of real estate values in hong kong. the hong kong dollar being harnessed to the american dollar. that's the way the hong kong monetary authority works. the currency is pegged for the dollar. so up go hong kong real estate prices. that is a distant unintended consequence of these radical interventi interventions. the most important thing to know about them is that -- to quote the chairman himself, as i said, we are learning by doing. this is an experiment, and we are lab rats in the financial markets of the world. >> it's a science project? >> one can imagine all manner of things coming to pass. the junk bond market, yields hit recorded lows on the standard and poors junk bond index. now, this is the high yield market without the yield. we shouldn't have this. there is a great stampede in the corporate debt, in speculative grade debt by people that are not getting paid for the risk. >> they're looking for yield. >> the credit markets when they are left unmanipulated convey manipulation. a struggling issue will pay more than a sound issue. you read
Sep 3, 2012 7:00pm PDT
work. >> the swedish category shows nhk's request. >>> fads in japan and hong kong are celebrating the birthday of the stubby robot cat sent from the future. thousands of fans of doraemon lined up in a museum south of tokyo. they waited to take a picture with a statue of character. in the series, doraemon is born on september 3, 2112. >> i took a day off from work, but i wish i could also be here 100 years from now. >> the mayor of kawasaki issued a special residents card bearing the name of doraemon. local fans and tourists from mainland china also celebrated the birthday in hong kong, a giant cake was made for the occasion using one of doraemon's favorite dishes, bean pan aches. this one is set with diamonds worth about $100 million. >> translator: this erent has nothing do with diplomatic tension of between japan and china. we should treat them separately. >> popular with asia and south florida. they got their first look at the tv version 30 years ago. >>> people in the korean peninsula dealt with heavy rain recently and it looks like there is more on the rachel frg furga with t
Sep 28, 2012 4:00am PDT
trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei dropped 79 points but in hong kong the hang seng was up 78. >>> well, aggressive budget cutting from one of europe's troubled economies helped wall street snap its losing streak. spain's finance minister announced $51 billion in budget cuts yesterday hoping to convince the world it can meet its fiscal targets. that news helped gold continue its recent climb toward its biggest quarterly gain in two years. >>> earlier mixed economic data failed to impress investors. initial jobless claims hit a two-month low, but the final tally on the second quarter gdp was lower than expected. >>> after the bell, battered blackberry maker research in motion reported a smaller than expected quarterly loss. shares soared in late trade. discover also got an after-hours boost from upbeat earnings. nike, however, stumbled thanks to weak demand in china. >>> earlier apple drove techs and the nasdaq higher. >>> ge, part owner of this network, hit a four-year high after predicting a 10% rise in industrial revenue. >>> tempur-pedic shot up after announcing it will buy
Sep 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
kong born [unintelligible] >> at i am very proud chinese, going back to hong kong and china once a year, i do consider myself australian and chinese at the same time. >> half of all the agents in australia are under 20. they can find conflict with their first generation parents, whose heart, if not their head, remains in their homeland. it has been nearly 40 years since they abolished the pro- white policy here. and now they have talked about this as the asian century, and it is. 20% of all doctors here are indian. 30% of asian people take part in an organized sport. by nearly every measure, asians are a model of assimilation. >> this is "gmt." from "bbc world news." france has granted the injunction banning further syndication and redistribution of photographs showing the duchess of cambridge baiting topless. anti-japanese protests have continued across china, with many japanese companies temporarily shutting down operations after days of unrest. alan, just picking up that had my night gave about the japanese protests in china, and there are strong economic ties between these giants. >
Sep 10, 2012 9:00am PDT
parts into handbags. >> causeway bay, hong kong. big crowds and brand names dominate. >> it is a part of hong kong, but it's certainly not representative of all of hong kong. the mained, the city takes on a decidedly different feel. it's here where billy potts found his inspiration. >> is it hard to find beauty in something that is discarded and thrown away? >> no, actually. i find -- i find many of these things really beautiful. a lot of people find this kind of environment not very appealing, but i find it incredibly beautiful. >> in an alleyway of discarded taxi cab parts, the lawyer turned designer saw an opportunity. >> actually what we take is the bench seat. you see two big bench seats here. basically that provides you with, like, a back, and you have the seat, so that provides you with two really huge sort of sheets of vinyl. >> vinyl that he and his staff collect, redesign, and transform into handbags and accessories. >> how do you turn garbage like this into something beautiful that design aspect? how do you put that on top of your products and designs? >> well, it's all abo
FOX Business
Sep 3, 2012 4:00pm EDT
housing. at the top of the list is hong kong. what does it take to be ranked the most economically free? well, they have low taxes and as i learnedded when i went there for abc, they make it easy to become an entrepreneur. here in hong kong happened in one form is all i had to do. >> thank you, sir. stossel: next day, i was in an indoor business running my own business, and just the idea to try made hong kong thrive. they have thrived. they have few natural resources. it's a rock in the middle of the ocean. they don't even have democracy. they were ruled by the british for years, and now the chinese are in charge. even the brits and chinese largely left hong kong alone, and left alone free people make themselves rich. it's an amazing story. in just 50 years they went from horrible poverty to income levels among the highest in the world. prosperity thanks to economic freedom. we should try that here. that's our show for tonight. good night. ♪ ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! sp! slap! slap! ] ow! [ male announcer ] when your favorite foods fight you, fight back fast with tums smoothies. so fast a
FOX Business
Sep 9, 2012 2:30am EDT
? >> it worked in hong kong and singapore. the big example we use is sandy springs in fulton county, georgia that is notorously privatized. they have suffered 36 million a year . it may not always work. >> i love how the britain knows more about georgia than i do. wayne, what do you say? >> this expresses two sides of it. the larger the city more difficult it is to manage and operate it. we have had four cities in the state of california that went broke in the last couple of years of the city. they spent 80 percent of the budget. and you can't continue that and city gave the city manager an 800,000 year contract and then retire them. you can't continue it. john is right. if you contract out it will bring down the costs. >> interesting point here. a lot of the things we see in cities in the country would never fly in major corp rages. they are private prices. >> government is force . so physical force is what we need government for. and so the courts and military and that can be privatize. and that is the role of government. the problem is now we need to privatize city services and not city g
FOX News
Sep 20, 2012 1:00am PDT
that stimulate people to invest and start things up. when you go to hong kong, for instance, i just came back from china, when you see the tall buildings in hong kong, to me hong kong can s. british rule of law. >> bill: no income redistribution going on in hong kong. that's capitalism at its highest level. you don't make it there, you are floating in the harbor. >> it's not quite as bad. >> bill: you know how ruthless that capitalism is there. your newspaper the "new york times" believes in income redistribution and believes in social justice and is right down the line with barack obama on that philosophy. but, in your book, you say that one of the reasons that america -- you believe america is a weaker nation now than it was say 20 years ago. >> i do. >> bill: one of the reasons we are weaker is because we took a wrong course after 9/11. is that correct? am i reading correctly. >> what was the wrong course. >> we thought at the end of the cold war was a great victory and bill, it was. it was a great victory over communism and totalitarian. here is the problem. we thought it was a victory th
Sep 2, 2012 7:00pm PDT
inspired by a hong kong kumquat that the team found, not in hong kong, but back in riverside. it's a process using hundreds of different "notes" until they've created a symphony of taste. >> hagen: i mean, with a name like "hong kong kumquat," you need to really have something going on, i think. >> hassel: i'm curious to see the carrot on top of the kumquat. >> hagen: that is interesting. that is very interesting. >> hassel: you get the citrus, but yet the... the carrot poking it's head out. >> hagen: yeah, it's very complex. >> hassel: but not overpowering. >> hagen: that's really exciting. this is a home run. >> safer: there's no shortage of metaphors in the flavoring business. givaudan goes to the ends of the earth scouting for new flavors. in hong kong, givaudan convened their annual conclave of top chefs from restaurants around the world to demonstrate their latest creations. the goal-- to turn those creations into new commercial flavors. the chefs mixed, chopped, mashed, steamed, sauteÉed, and smoked for a week to create irresistible cutting edge cuisine. hong kong chef al
Sep 21, 2012 4:00am EDT
've got australia, can in a today, france, germany, hong kong, japan, singapore and the uk. 8:00 a.m. local time is when they go on sale, so asia will be getting it first and then of course the rollout will happen globally in all of those countries. now, we're looking at long lines that began forming earlier in the week. and part of the reason for that of course is that pre-orders shut down pretty quickly if you hoped to get your iphone delivered in the mail today within about an hour on apple's retail site. that got pushed out to a week from now you have to get your phone if you wanted to get it by mail. so a lot of people who want to have it the very first day, they realized they had to camp out and we saw the lines forming. a bit of controversy as people updated to ios 6 starting a couple of days ago, they started to see that, all was not well with the maps app. we're starting to see several images online of poor location mapping in the new eos 6 maps app, and that has apple's back end, not google's back end. blogging popping up specifically mocking these locates that the maps a
FOX Business
Sep 23, 2012 2:00am EDT
. the number one in hong kong. it is owned by the public's republic of china. my favorite is singapore. companies that control 60 percent of the gdp . they have ownership by the singapore government. in a segment we are going to get to. it is awful that our government owned gm. and when singapore owns these business. the great thing about america we had a free political system and economy . now we are squeezed. >> rick has problems with one particular study. it is validated. it is in the spectrum and from libitarians and liberals. they are saying the same thing and steve is right. all business and growth happens on the margin it is weather a business person will invest in the next factory or hire the next person . when that doesn't happen the economy stalls and that is what is happening because of all of the confusion coming out of the washington. >> morgan look at tens of thousands of regulations and you have to admit just by looking at the numbers we have more than we are used to. >> sure, but the truth of the matter, i take the report with a grain of salt it comes down to methodolog
Sep 20, 2012 10:30pm PDT
, when i was courting and the head back in hong kong those days, it was both the golden arches and the golden gate bridge that i tried to get her over here. it is my pleasure to join all of you. i want to welcome governor brown, leader pelosi. thank you for your wonderful years of service. we just honored nancy for her 25 years in service. thank you so much for your service. jerry, your 2500 years of service. [laughter] i want to also recognize our general superintendent, frank dean, thank you for being here. craig milton, our presidio trust general executive director. brent mar, ceo of our national park conservancy. dennis mulligan, and general manager of the bridge highway district transportation. of course, i want to reiterate janet's praise for larry and nancy for coming up with the celebration. i cannot think of a better parent to come up with this. thank you for your wonderful leadership. [applause] today is not only a great celebration for our bridge but also a time to do some reflection on what it has meant to us. as janet said earlier, we talk about today, what i've tr
Sep 21, 2012 4:30am EDT
. the wait is over for the iphone 5. it's already in the hands of fans in sydney and hong kong. apple generates two thirds of its profits from the iphone. sun is looking to crashed the party. samsung makes use apple of patent infringement lawsuit over the new iphone. case may not go to trial until 2014, so don't worry. not likely to affect the availability. timeican airlines, its on- has tumbled to 54%, on a pilot shortage and increasing.issues baltimore washington pace toional is on the busiestitle as the d.c. baltimore area this year. a spokesperson attributes this to record trafficke passengers] record passenger traffic. back to you. >> thank you. robin roberts is recovering this following her bone marrow transplant. the surgery was to treat a rare disorder. some friends came over from the to visit after the will be all that for quite awhile. later today on gnma we will get doctor androm her will discuss the colleagues hospital room yesterday. later today on gma. >> it is 58 degrees. >> another weekend means more track work for m news overseas. protests over the release of the in p
Sep 28, 2012 4:00am PDT
-week closing low after news of falling revenues for japanese companies in china. hong kong's hang sang gained 0.5%. wall street stocks posted their first gain of the week. investors were encouraged by taking tough measures to reduce its deficit, one of the worst in the eurozone. the dow closed 72 points higher thursday while the nasdaq was up 42 points. >>> american airlines says it will take its pilots union to court unless the union ends its job action. american has had a surge of canceled or late flights since the beginning of the month. the pilots union says there is no sickout or slowdown but the union is angry over the company's decision to use bankruptcy protection to impose new work and pay rules. >>> goldman sachs will pay about $12 million to settle civil charges in a so-called pay-to-play scheme. the securities and exchange commission said a goldman executive allegedly provided campaign services to a candidate running for governor of massachusetts in 2010. in return, the company wanted to win the state's lucrative bond business. goldman settled without admitting or denying those char
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 390 (some duplicates have been removed)